At SERG, we are revolutionising the entire ecosystem of care for neurodegenerative movement disorders (NDMDs), starting with Parkinson's

Welcome To SERG Technologies

There are 400 million people worldwide suffering from neurodegenerative movement disorders (NDMDs), with 95 million suffering from tremor, 45 million from dystonia and more than 10 million from Parkinson’s disease.

Our pioneering sensor-enabled digital health platform NuRO - powered by our patented MMG-MARG technologies - closes the loop in care for most NDMDs including Parkinson’s disease. The revolutionary platform provides early diagnosis, continuous and passive monitoring, and non-invasive treatment of Parkinsonian symptoms, in clinics, at home and remotely.

MMG-MARG technology by SERG TECH

Introducing NuRO

Our technology enables remote, data-driven, patient specific therapeutics, increasing medication efficacy, reducing hospitalization time & visits and delaying the need to use deep brain stimulators. Our innovation sets out to improve the quality of life and care pathway experience for millions of people, increasing healthcare system capacity and significantly reduces healthcare costs.

How SERG’s NuRO platform revolutionises the care of Parkinson’s and other NDMD

MMG-MARG technology by SERG TECH

NuRO Platform Benefits

  • Remote, real-time, all Parkinsonian symptoms tracking and evaluation
  • Universal accessibility
  • Teleconsultation (UPDRS compatible*)
  • Closed-loop & personalised care
  • Data-driven wellbeing and treatment decision-making
  • Dosage & intake-time optimisation
  • Intervention effectiveness monitoring
  • Real-world-evidence collection
  • Medication compliance

NuRO works seamlessly with existing Parkinson's symptoms management solutions

Improves current disease management solutions by:
  • Increasing medication titration & efficacy
  • Reducing medication cost
  • Reducing medication side effects
  • Enabling remote & continuous parameters optimisation for smart delivery pumps and DBSs

A new platform for care

First of its kind Parkinson’s monitoring, management and treatment connected platform technology supported by strong IP

A patented, world-first Parkinson’s digital health platform

Born by pioneering research in the Biomechatronics Lab of Imperial College London.

Our technology is based on strong and enforced Intellectual Property

First of its kind Patents: US 103,350,80 (issued), WO15063520, EP3065628A1, UK 1319434.5, UK 2010270.3 (pending)


Patient trials

Tested at two of the UK’s leading NDMD and Parkinson’s Hospitals

The NuRO PD-Track is the first product-prototype of our wearable remote monitoring system

MMG-MARG technology by SERG TECH
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Our Mission

To revolutionise the entire neurodegenerative movement disorders care ecosystem by driving the digital transition to remote monitoring and management solutions. Our connected platform enables continuous and patient-specific assessment of all Parkinsonian symptoms, delivering actionable insights that enable medication titration and adherence, closed-loop DPS optimisation, as well as lifestyle changes, improving clinical and financial outcomes, and increasing patient mobility and independence.


Our Vision

Enabling people with neurodegenerative movement disorders to lead more fulfilling and healthier lives by being in complete control of their symptoms, always and anywhere.


Our Values

We are dedicated to evidence-based innovation in all aspects of our work. We are honest, ethical and committed to keeping our users - patients with Parkinson’s and other neurodegenerative movement disorders (NDMD’s) - at the heart of everything we do.


Our Philosophy

Enabling our users to lead a more fulfilling life by bridging the gap between people and technology – the purpose of technology is to improve the quality of lives.

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